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  • Portable Generators for Home

    If you have ever experience a power outage for more than several hours, than you can sincerely appreciate the need to own a portable home back up generator. If you have ever been stuck in your house with your family for days in the middle of the winter you have probably already purchased a portable generator for back up power.

  • Portable Generators for Work

    We are not generator experts because we attend sales meetings with the manufacturers. We are generator experts because we have been working on them for over 20 years. We service generators for just about every trade and we will certainly do our best to find you the perfect portable generator for your on and offsite work.

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General Overview of Generators

With such a growing number of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and earthquakes in recent years many people have begin putting preparedness at the forefront of their minds. Many are considering adding backup power systems to their homes. A generator is a mechanical device that creates energy and converts that energy into electricity. This conversion of mechanical energy into electricity is done by a motor. The generator forces electrons into windings that move through an external electrical circuit. Each generator requires field magnets that run north and south inside the generator. Inside the field there is a coil of wire...