Diesel Generators

These systems take in air, and then compress it and inject the fuel into the compressed air. The heat from the air lights the fuel making energy in the form of electricity.

This is important when comparing gas verses diesel units, because the higher the compression the more power is made.

A diesel fuel powered generator is used in a variety of industrial and commercial ways. They can be used to supply power for a range buildings such as homes, industrial plants, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Diesel systems can be used a primary power source or as a back-up. They are available in a variety of specifications and sizes. Set ranges from 5 to 30 KW (Kilowatt), they are typically used in homes or in recreational vehicles.

Industrial types of diesel generators cover a wide spectrum of power ratings, anywhere from 30 KW to 6 MW (Megawatts).

For home use however a single-phase power generator is used and is sufficient. Larger three phase stand-by units are used primarily industriously.