Natural Gas Generators

For the consumer that is cost conscious and those that are "green" conscious a natural gas generator can be the perfect solution to your needs. It is by far the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Compared to that of coal or oil these systems produce much lower emissions of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide as well as less sulfur and nitrogen.

These mechanisms save up to 40% more than other systems and can be much more efficient. They also cost 40% to 50% less to run per hour than gasoline fueled systems. When the power goes out these systems offer automatic start-up and shutdown. This can be highly valuable when a storm hits while you or your family are unaware.

For a home residence or a business that already has their electricity supplied by natural gas then a generator run by the same would be be the best choice. A gas line would already be present in homes using natural gas so the hassle of any type of conversion isn't there. This makes for quick set-up and installation.

These systems are some of the cheapest forms to run, install, operate and maintain. There are many that can run up to more than 500 hours each year. They are good performers in intermittent conditions. Parts and servicing are widely available as well.

There are systems available that can run for several days, though they are more expensive. Most natural gas units can run several home appliances at once, offering up to 10,000 watts of power.

The disadvantage to running a natural gas generator as your primary standby system is that the gas may be unavailable during a time of disaster. They also do have a lower power output, 30% less BTU (British Thermal Unit) than that of gasoline. Also natural gas is not available in many areas and it's vital that you have a supplier nearby for your standby power system.

However, if you do have available to you natural gas, then this type of generator can by very suitable for your needs. Remember, they are clean, and quiet and environmentally friendly.

It's also important to note that if you are purchasing a natural gas generator of any type for your home that will run from your natural gas source they require permanent outdoor placement. They also require electrical wiring and a working fuel source with connections.